My eczema was really bad for years. I was constantly using topical steroids that did help. I was concerned about the long term use of steroids so I decided to try your Eczema Psoriasis Calm tea. After about a month of drinking it daily, my eczema was almost gone and I didn't need the topical steroid.


I was going through chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma. My white blood cells were dropping too low so the doctor wanted to give me an injection to boost my white blood cell production. I started drinking your Cancer Support tea (or soup as I like to call it) and my numbers did not get so low as to be a concern. Awesome!


For years I was having recurrent urinary tract infections. Antibiotics were my best friend. I started your Urine Clear tea (which does not taste good) and drank it twice a day for over a month and now once a day most days. I have not had a UTI in over six months. Thank you.


I have tried just about everything to help me sleep (natural and pharmaceutical). With drinking your Sleep Ease tea before bed, I can fall asleep without any issue. 


My seven year-old son had chronic ear infections that were not responding to antibiotics. We gave him you Ear Pain Relief tea every day twice a day mixed with stevia for six weeks and his ear infection was gone. It has not returned for months.



I was having chronic fatigue for months with a positive Epstein Barr virus test. My doctor didn't know what to do. I started your tea (which is really bitter) and within a month my energy was back. Whenever I feel the fatigue coming back, I drink your tea.


I am not a fan of antibiotics.  I was getting recurrent UTI every few months.  I was trying everything natural to keep them from getting worse.  When I started your Urine Clear Tea I was skeptical.  After a couple weeks my symptoms resolved.  I drink this tea whenever I start to have symptoms again and it is the one natural treatment that makes my UTI go away.  Thank you for making a great medicinal tea!


I was developing a horrific lung/sinus infection, which I get occasionally.  I started drinking your Respiratory Relief tea (acute) and within a couple days it was gone.  Wow!